Even If The Price Of Bitcoin Doubles, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Says He Won’t Buy It!

JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, one of the world’s largest financial organisations, has reiterated his position on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. According to Dimon, anyone who borrowed money to purchase bitcoin was a “stupid.” However, his personal viewpoint does not conflict with JP Morgan’s decision to provide consumers with access to six cryptocurrency funds, as well as the creation of JPM Coin, a digital ledger token for payments.

In contrast to his firm’s overt intention to profit from the ecosystem’s expansion, banking magnate Jamie Dimon has been a vocal opponent of Bitcoin since 2017.

In 2017, Dimon, a longtime sceptic of Bitcoin, labeled it a hoax, citing concerns that criminals may avoid authorities by doing financial transactions in BTC rather than US currency.

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan, slammed crypto and bitcoin once more. In an interview with the Times of India last week, the JP Morgan executive debated about the true value of cryptocurrencies and his perspective on the industry. According to Dimon, the recent bull market in cryptocurrencies was fueled by a large amount of liquidity in the system, which led to speculation.

“I truly don’t care about Bitcoin,” Dimon remarked. I do not purchase Bitcoins. If you borrow money to buy bitcoin, I believe you are a fool.”

However, Dimon recognised that the bitcoin market may see a tenfold increase in value over the following few years.

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Dimon was also questioned about how he thinks future legislation will influence cryptocurrencies. While Dimon emphasised that bitcoin was not the company’s primary focus, he did say that he expects governments will control bitcoin at some stage in the future. He explained:

“It will be regulated in some way. Almost everything is regulated by the government. I’m not sure if it’s a plus. I’m not sure if it’s a currency exchange. I’m not sure if it’s a money or not. I’m not sure if it’s because of the securities law. They’re going to do it, though.”

Despite this, JP Morgan has shown an increasing interest in the formation and maintenance of crypto and blockchain initiatives over the past year.

However, Dimon’s personal views on bitcoin’s validity and the imminent regulation of the cryptocurrency industry have had no impact on JP Morgan’s business movements into crypto. In fact, compared to two or three years ago, the company is now more open to cryptocurrency. The company announced in August that its customers would be able to invest in six cryptocurrency-based investment funds, including Bitcoin Cash Trust, Ethereum Trust, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust, and Osprey Bitcoin Trust, as well as the Ethereum Classic Trust.

In addition, the corporation has dabbled in the world of digital currencies. JP Morgan announced the launch of “JPM Coin” in October 2020, a blockchain-based network that will allow its clients to make rapid payments.

In August, JP Morgan Chase announced a partnership with New York Digital Investment Group, a Cryptocurrency institutional-grade portal, to launch an actively managed Bitcoin fund.

According to reports, a JP Morgan affiliate, Counterpoint Global is considering selling cryptocurrency investments to wealthy investors. This would be a big encouragement for the remainder of the banking industry, with over $150 billion in assets under management.