Bitcoin Up Review- Legit or Scam

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Bitcoin Up is a trading robot designed to perform automated tasks in the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have provided traders with an alternative to generating income. In recent years, many investors have made their lives easier with income from cryptocurrency trading. But it wasn’t without challenges.

Digital assets are vulnerable to rapid, massive, and unpredictable price movements. For insiders, this volatility presents a profit opportunity, but only if done right.

Developers in the cryptocurrency space have created software that trades on behalf of investors, whether they are experienced or beginners, and Bitcoin Up is one such program. In recent years, more and more trading robots have entered the market, promising huge profits.

The Bitcoin Up trading platform claims that it has a success rate of approximately 99.4%. In this comprehensive review, we will examine the platform’s claims and evaluate how reliable these robots are for cryptocurrency trading. Our team has done a fantastic job in evaluating the performance of this robot. Stay till the end as in the end we will share valuable tips for making the most out of this robot.

Is Bitcoin Up legit or a scam?

There are positive signs that Bitcoin Up is a reliable platform. First of all, the platform is affiliated with the world’s leading regulated brokers. Second, you can trade real money in demo mode under real market conditions and trade fake money before trading real money, so you familiarize yourself with the platform and market before trading real money, and the last thing you need is to deposit $250. $250 will be used when you are ready to start real trading after practicing on the demo account.

All investments whether in the stock market or other markets involve risk. Bitcoin Up is a tool that anyone can easily trade with minimal risk. However, the cryptocurrency market is volatile and it is the investor’s responsibility to do as much research as possible to gain as much understanding as possible.

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User referrals acknowledge Bitcoin Up’s ability to monetize as advertised. We have registered an account with the platform to verify these claims. We haven’t been able to achieve the advertised figures in our daily earnings, but with more experience, business capital, and a bit of luck, we believe this software can provide a potentially viable opportunity.

We investigated the authenticity of the platform and it was positive. Bitcoin Up has an active contact line where users can share support and feedback, and get help and advice.

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Key Findings

  • Bitcoin UP is very fast. Anyone who knows anything about cryptocurrency trading will agree that it is best to use the fastest and most accurate trading robot.
  • The minimum deposit to trade this robot is only $250. We think this is fair compared to the trend value.
  • There are no hidden fees. We also ensure that the negotiation process and payment system are transparent.
  • It generates high returns to the traders and it has a success rate.
  • We also confirmed that our customer support system works 24/7 and Bitcoin UP is available in more than 100 countries around the world.

What is Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is a trading robot designed to perform automated tasks in the cryptocurrency market. According to the official website, the platform has been running for five years, but the platform website is missing details about the founder and team.

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Bitcoin Up is a trading robot that performs automatic exchanges in the cryptocurrency market without the intermediary of traders. It uses algorithmic tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze large amounts of data and conduct transactions in light of that information. The software evaluates market conditions, trends, historical data, and patterns to find the exact conditions to open or close a trade. The robot claims to use all this data to perform trades with a high success rate.

The technology also uses natural language processing to read Bitcoin-related messages and get important information from them. Bitcoin Up is 0.01 seconds ahead of the market, so it should give investors a competitive edge. Bitcoin Up is fairly new to the market, but some reports suggest it is one of the most effective technologies today.

In addition to automated trading, the Bitcoin Up crypto bot makes it easy for professionals to perform manual trades. Traders can enter parameters including the asset to trade, stop loss, limit, and the price to buy or sell in the trading interface. When the trading conditions are met, the robot executes the trade. This allows experienced traders to place the trades they want without having to monitor market conditions 24/7.

Who created Bitcoin Up?

The Bitcoin Up website does not identify any particular individual or group behind the software. Nevertheless, our research on the internet shows that a group of software developers and former professional forex traders were the creators of Bitcoin Up, and there are also plenty of online reviews and reviews that attest to the authenticity of the product.

How does Bitcoin Up work?

The Bitcoin UP trading robot is enhanced with smart algorithms that allow the system to identify the best offers on the market very quickly. First, the trader deposits, and then activates the trading robot. When activated, trading robots can use the money deposited by investors to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the market. All proceeds from the live trading session will be transferred back to the investor’s Bitcoin UP account and they will have the option to initiate a withdrawal or reinvest their capital.

It uses the API to trade with these brokers after analyzing the market. The robot first evaluates a large amount of data and searches for the optimal operation in the current marketing conditions. You can use the API to send trading signals to the broker’s platform and the order will continue to be executed. Execution is automated and requires no human intervention.

  • Bitcoin Up uses artificial intelligence to power technology. The technology uses a subset of artificial intelligence known as machine learning to extract and analyze market intelligence and related news, and then provide investors with the most profitable trades.
  • Bitcoin Up only works with regulated brokers. Most brokers are overseen by the UK FCA and Australian ASIC.
  • The technology is open to everyone, including new investors with little or no trading experience. We found that most users have no prior knowledge of Bitcoin or other related cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform is easy to use and the trading process is simple.
  • Bitcoin Up also applies blockchain technology to make the trading environment transparent.
  • Bitcoin up technology has been reported to perform up to 300%. If this information is correct, you can generate 3x your initial investment capital within a week of trading.
Bitcoin Up LogoThe Best Choice* Bitcoin Up is NOT a scam
* High-Profit Ratio
* Easy & Fast Withdrawals
* Works also via App
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How to create a trading account with Bitcoin Up?

There is no hustle in opening the trading account with Bitcoin Up. You have to visit the official site of Bitcoin Up to begin the account creation process. Once you open the site follow the given steps to create the trading account-

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Account registration

Register a new Bitcoin UP account before using the live trading feature. All the tedious account registration process commonly used on other trading platforms is eliminated, allowing you to do this hassle-free. I was able to register a new account in less than 5 minutes. After entering the required information to register for an account, submit the form for review.

Deposit the capital

Bitcoin Up requires a minimum deposit of 250 USD to activate live trading. Depositing is safe and easy. New investors simply click the deposit button and choose their preferred method. Deposits can be made by debit/credit card, bank transfer, e-wallet, or Bitcoin. The technology relies on regulated brokers to process deposits. This broker is responsible for ensuring that all deposits are safe and secure.

Fund Deposit

Demo trading

New investors can access demo trading features or trading guides once they have made their initial deposit. This guide provides investors with exercises running on the platform at no additional cost. All new investors are encouraged to use the demo trading feature before starting live trading. It will help investors acquire the necessary experience and knowledge before conducting operations.

Start live trading

As new investors become familiar with the demo trading experience, they can now move on to live to trade. Investors simply follow the instructions to adjust their risk settings and click the live button. Technology makes trades automatically. This means that you do not need any special knowledge to use it. However, new and experienced investors are advised to invest at least 30 minutes in their accounts each day.

Key traits of Bitcoin Up

Consistent return

The software should run 24 hours a day without interruption and the signal looks correct. We believe that software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) can provide users with accurate signals. However, whether Bitcoin Up can generate $1,200 per day depends on several factors such as betting size, user experience, and favorable market conditions.

Verification system

Bitcoin Up requires new users to register for an account by providing basic details such as full name and mobile number. Additionally, new users must provide an active email address that the team will use to verify their identity. Click the “Join Now” button and a representative from the Bitcoin Up team will call you. During the call, the agent checks the status of the new user and answers questions.

Customer service

Bitcoin Up is fast when it comes to reaching users. Immediately after signing up for an account, a representative will call you to ask about your problem and provide assistance. Customer service also communicates with users by email. Research has shown that messages take up to 5 minutes to receive comments. It’s fast and reliable considering the customer service handles thousands of requests per day.

Withdrawal process

Bitcoin Up supports MasterCard and VISA credit/debit card transactions and bank transfers. The withdrawal process doesn’t take much time. There is no hustle in withdrawing the funds. In general, the withdrawal process is simple.

Affiliate Broker

Once the account is up and running, Bitcoin Up will connect new users with connected brokers. In general, your preferred broker is the one closest to you, so it is important to include your location on the registration form. Each new account is referred to a broker and you should take the time to review its regulatory status.

Fees or commission

Bitcoin Up software is free. Interested users can get started with any system by simply creating a free account. Also, the platform does not charge any fees or commissions on your income. When you earn $1,000, get the full amount when you request a withdrawal.

User Reviews

85% of all Bitcoin Up reviews found on Trustpilot are positive. Most of them testify to Bitcoin Up’s expertise, especially when it comes to helping clients navigate the platform.

Bitcoin Up LogoThe Best Choice* Bitcoin Up is NOT a scam
* High-Profit Ratio
* Easy & Fast Withdrawals
* Works also via App
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Pros & Cons of Bitcoin Up


  • It has one of the best user interfaces and is easy to use.
  • The software regularly informs users of market conditions.
  • There appear to be algorithms based on AI and NLP that collect data more intelligently and thus increase the accuracy of the signals provided.
  • The software works with several reputable brokers to increase security to protect your funds and data.
  • While providing user convenience, you can participate in the cryptocurrency market 24/7.
  • It has very responsive customer service.


  • Users have no freedom to choose their preferred broker.
  • It only offers Bitcoin trading.

Few tips for the beginners

Bitcoin Up technology can be powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, but we’ve put together some useful tips to help you on your trading journey.

Start with small capital

We recommend using the first deposit to make your first trade. New users can always deposit more capital after receiving their first ROI.

Trade at least 8 hours per day

Make sure your account is trading live for at least 8 hours a day. Technology does most of the work itself, so trading doesn’t interfere with an investor’s day-to-day responsibilities.

Trade-in US time

The best time to trade the cryptocurrency market is during the daytime in New York. This is because Bitcoin is currently very volatile.

Reinvest 80% of profits

By reinvesting your earnings, you can harness the magic of compound interest.

Has Bitcoin Up ever appeared on TV?

Bitcoin Up is said to be popular software among cryptocurrency traders. Because of this, we have seen rumors claiming the appearance of Bitcoin Upon various TV shows on various platforms on the internet. It is the culture of many TV shows that attract entrepreneurs and highlight the latest breakthrough innovations in the fashion ecosystem. Rumors that Bitcoin Up appeared in some of these programs could not be immediately dismissed, so we tried to find the truth in them.

Tv Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is the American version of the British Dragons Den. However, Shark Tank has an international stance. Entrepreneurs from around the world appear on “Shark’s Tank” to present their ideas to a jury and the world. Sharks support the most viable and potentially profitable ideas. Some of the shark’s attention-grabbing ideas are on par with Bitcoin Up, but Bitcoin Up hasn’t appeared in Shark Tank.

Dragons Den

Dragons Den is the benchmark for reality shows that showcase entrepreneurship around the world. This program focuses on budding entrepreneurs who have great ideas to present to “Kite”. If they like it they embrace it and entrepreneurs can see their ideas emerge and become unicorns in a few years. There’s no doubt that Bitcoin Up is an idea worthy of appearing in Dragons Den, but our research didn’t find any information confirming its appearance on the show.

Is Bitcoin Up endorsed by Celebrities?

We also found claims that some celebrities support Bitcoin Up when researching for this review. Rumors are spreading that the bot is endorsed by international celebrities like Elon Musk, Peter Jones, and Rob Brydon Jones.  Our results are as follows-

Peter Jones

Peter Jones

Peter Jones is a familiar face, especially for Den fans of Dragons. Jones made his name and fortune as a television personality through his interests in media, real estate, retail, and mobile technology. However, according to our research, Peter Jones has not yet discovered Bitcoin Up as he has not endorsed it anywhere.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a famous businessman who just made his first appearance on the list of the 10 richest people in the world. Elon is a popular figure on Twitter and has been the subject of numerous cryptocurrency scams as he is known to have a soft spot for digital assets. Musk endorsed Bitcoin on Twitter, stating whether he falsely denies the allegations. Therefore, it is impossible to link to comments that support Bitcoin Up.

Final Verdict- Bitcoin Up is legit!

According to the research we conducted, Bitcoin Up appears to be reliable like Bitcoin Equaliser. There are many positive user reviews online that support these claims. The technique is also said to have received rave reviews from professional review sites. Bitcoin Up technology has been verified and has revealed all the information investors need to make smart decisions. Bitcoin Up is powered by blockchain technology that ensures a transparent trading environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Up Trustworthy?

According to our research, Bitcoin Up appears to be a legitimate platform.

Is Bitcoin Up Free?

Yes! Bitcoin Up is a free trading robot. But this may not last long. Use the free license and register now. It is also important to note that a deposit is required before starting live trading. There are no deposit fees.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Up?

You are more likely to win with Bitcoin Up. However, new investors should thoroughly review the technology before launching.

Can I withdraw from the Bitcoin Up platform?

Yes! Bitcoin Up allows for fast and hassle-free withdrawals. The bot does not charge any transaction fees.

How Much Should You Invest in Bitcoin Up?

We recommend depositing only $250, which is the minimum investment required. Investors can deposit more capital at any time after receiving the initial return.

Has Bitcoin Up been featured in the press?

According to our research, Bitcoin Up did not appear in the media.