BitIQ Review- Legit or Scam

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BitIQ is a platform that allows users to invest in cryptocurrencies that are easy, profitable, and low-risk. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify business opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. The BitIQ app trades cryptocurrencies through advanced strategies such as price trend analysis, arbitrage, and news trading. This trading robot is said to be the first to automate these trading techniques in cryptocurrency trading.

There are many reviews on the internet claiming that the BitIQ app will be the most profitable online monetization tool in 2021. We have come across all these reviews; almost all reviewers claim that this trading system is legit. But we cannot ensure legitimacy without testing it so our team decided to evaluate this trading robot completely. We tested all the features of this trading app.

This system uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify business opportunities in the crypto market. It works on autopilot, so it is best for anyone interested in making money online.No experience is required to trade Bitcoin while using this app. We have found BitIQ quite reliable and as profitable as other reviewers claim.

Read this robot review till the end to know everything about this robot. You can find all the answers to your questions.

Is BitIQ legit or a scam?

BitIQ seems to have everything you need for a stable trading system. The platform is the first in the industry to offer automated Bitcoin transactions based on blockchain.

Blockchain ensures a high level of transparency by storing all transactions on a public ledger. BitIQ uses a blockchain subset of smart contracts (SC) to resolve disputes during the negotiation process.

SC technology is perfect and ensures fair competition for everyone involved. BitIQ also guarantees data protection for all users. We tested the website and found it to be protected with RSA 128-bit encryption.

This level of encryption protects you from most forms of cyber-attacks. BitIQ claims to have a cyber-incident response team that will address any security vulnerabilities that may arise. This bot also complies with data protection regulations of the EU and other legal systems. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is perhaps the most comprehensive data protection law in the world. Only quality companies enter GDPR regulated companies. BitIQ is one of the few companies in the auto trading industry.

BitIQ has a good reputation and is considered profitable by most users. Also, most say it is safe and very easy to use. BitIQ automates all tasks, making it easy for beginners to use. You can become a cryptocurrency millionaire by trading this bot, but don’t forget the risk. Any form of automated leveraged trading is very risky. We suggest you invest wisely as the crypto market is risky. We have not found any scam in this trading robot and it is completely legit.

What is BitIQ?

BitIQ is a platform that allows users to invest in cryptocurrencies that are easy, profitable, and low-risk. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify business opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

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The BitIQ app trades cryptocurrencies through advanced strategies such as price trend analysis, arbitrage, and news trading. This trading robot is said to be the first to automate these trading techniques in cryptocurrency trading.

Arbitrage trading involves trading on different exchanges for a small price difference. BitIQ examines up to 30 top cryptocurrency exchanges and places up to 50 arbitrage exchanges per minute. More than 70% of arbitrage transactions are reported to be correct.

Price trend analysis involves rigorous analysis of historical charts to identify periodic price patterns. BitIQ implements this strategy with a win rate of up to 90%.

Easily get started with BitIQ

This trading system is very easy to use after reading the accompanying trading guide. BitIQ provides a 3-page guide to automated trading for the general public.

A welcome video is featured on the home page that is for explaining the basic features of the trading system. BitIQ also offers demos that allow users to test different features without risking their trading capital. Please allow at least 40 minutes before posting a demo.

  1. Signing up for BitIQ is easy. You can only use this bot if you are in a supported country. Registration is free, but few people sign up for this bot. Try your luck by clicking here. If you can’t log in on the first try, don’t give up.
  2. BitIQ will place you with a local regulated broker after registration. Complete registration with the broker and fund your account with a minimum of $250. The bot will use your deposit to exchange Bitcoin on your behalf.
  3. You can deposit more, but you should not invest more than 10% of your savings in high-risk investments. BitIQ partner brokers are secure and accept deposits through the most internationally recognized methods.
  4. Follow the instructions to set up the BitIQ platform and click the red “Live Trading” button to start your session. Let the trading system make money doing what you love the most. Every job involves risk!

How does BitIQ work?

As explained above, all BitIQ transactions are on autopilot. So everyone should be able to run successfully from the first minute of trading.

However, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the platform before starting it. This trading platform has everything you need to fully prepare for live trading. This includes videos explaining the setup and demos that allow you to tour the platform without risk.

We insist that you dedicate at least an hour to preparing your business. Watch the video and ask your dedicated business manager for an explanation. After logging in, you will receive a welcome call from the administrator. BitIQ uses a variety of strategies to monetize Bitcoin price movements. This includes arbitrage trading, news trading, and trend analysis. In arbitrage, bots benefit from the difference in the price of BTC on different exchanges.

Deviations are usually very small and often self-correct in milliseconds. To take advantage of this, you need a high-speed trading system. BitIQ news trading feature uses NLP technology to bet on the impact of breaking news on volatility. This automated trading robot is arguably one of the best in trading Bitcoin messages by Elon Musk.

The trend analysis approach involves BitIQ, which analyzes tens of thousands of price charts to identify and develop repeatable patterns. Some asset prices tend to be cyclical, so price action repeats.

How to use BitIQ?

If you have never invested before, you may be wondering how to use a trading application like BitIQ or any other legitimate trading application. This BitIQ review will guide you through the entire trading process so you can decide if it’s right for you.

To use BitIQ, you need to create a business account. Fortunately, the app owners have made it completely free for anyone who wants to sign up now. Remember, you still need to invest to start trading. You can choose as many investments as you see fit.

Creating an account allows you to explore the application before investing with BitIQ, so you can take the time you need before making a decision. We found the BitIQ platform intuitive enough for most traders. So, if you have never traded before, you can use BitIQ without any hassle.

As the creators of the app pointed out, BitIQ was created because there are several very complex trading platforms on the market that are more confusing for beginners than before. Essentially, no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency investment or technology is required. To get started, simply create an account, configure your parameters, and voila!

The BitIQ bot uses complex algorithms to identify trades in the market based on your input. Once you find a business opportunity that is good for you, you can save time during the trading process by executing automatic buy/sell orders.

One of the most important factors discussed in this BitIQ review is the algorithm. Most algorithms are built differently, so it’s important to analyze each algorithm in detail to see what’s unique. One noteworthy thing we found in this BitIQ review is that the algorithm can easily adapt to sudden strategy changes. The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, so the same trading strategy may not work forever. You may need to constantly change your trading strategy to adapt to market trends.

Fortunately, the BitIQ system is perfectly suited to these situations. If you want to customize your strategy, you can go to the app at any time of the day and make the necessary changes and let the app do the rest. You don’t have to keep an eye on BitIQ all day, but it’s a good idea to do so from time to time to keep your strategy working as intended.

How to sign up with BitIQ?

The BitIQ registration process is surprisingly simple. Many trading platforms tend to go through extensive identification/processing steps, but BitIQ keeps it simple enough for anyone. All you need to register is contact information and an internet connection.

Step 1- Register the account

BitIQ offers potential users a simple signup box at the beginning and end of the page. You will be asked to provide basic contact information such as your email address, full name, and account password. After completing the registration process, you will be able to verify your account via email.

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Step 2- Make your first deposit

The trading bot needs funds to perform these trades, so you need to deposit before you start trading. It is better not to invest more money than you can lose. You can also choose from several available payment methods. In general, credit/debit card payments are the most common.

Step 3- Start live trading

Once you have full access to BitIQ’s features, you can start setting up your trading strategy. You can choose the environment that suits your needs. So, take your time and go through the app thoroughly. When you are ready to get started, you can go to the live trading section of the platform.

How you can start investing in cryptocurrency with BitIQ?

Those with trading experience will find it easier to navigate the BitIQ app. However, the app creators have tried to make it easier to use than any other app on the market. If you are a beginner, continue reading this BitIQ review to learn more about the steps to follow in the first few sessions.

Learn the basics of trading

Remember that trading is not easy. Even if you use BitIQ as a trading tool, you need to learn a few basic terms to get started and understand what you are doing. Fortunately, the BitIQ platform provides most of the information you need to get started, so there is no problem. However, if you want as much information as possible, it is better to search the internet for all the details you need. Once you learn the basics of trading, it will be much easier to configure everything and adjust parameters. Read our review on Top 10 Most Promising Cryptocurrency in 2021

Cryptocurrency History Monitoring

Like any asset, you need to understand how cryptocurrencies have evolved since they first appeared. Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency to date and has undergone several changes you should be aware of. Learning more about your preferred assets can help you develop better business strategies based on performance over some time. Conversely, having little information about the assets you trade exposes you to more business risks that jeopardize your investments.

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Don’t invest a huge amount

A common mistake among new traders is to make big investments to get bigger returns. A higher investment will yield a higher return, but you will not be able to make good financial decisions and you will also be more likely to lose your investment. Beginners should try to be as safe as possible while learning the basics of trading, so it’s best to start with a small amount and work from there.

Take your time

Take your time and don’t rush to work just because the cryptocurrency market is getting more competitive every day. The key to successful trading is taking the time to analyze your options, goals, and risks. Many people tend to make hasty financial decisions and in doing so make the most mistakes. BitIQ can help significantly reduce the risk associated with crypto trading, but it does not eliminate it. To get the most out of your investment, you should always invest time in developing the best trading strategy.

Is there any mobile application of BitIQ?

There is no official mobile version of BitIQ. However, the web-based interface of this application is adaptable to any device that accesses it. This means you can use BitIQ on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

BitIQ’s web platform allows users to access trading sessions as quickly as possible without installing any third-party applications. Before accessing the application, you need to make sure that your internet connection is stable.

How do deposits and withdrawals work?

To deposit with BitIQ, simply use your preferred payment method, select the amount you want to deposit into your account and wait for the transaction to be processed. Transactions can take up to 24 hours depending on your bank.

When it comes to withdrawals, BitIQ allows you to transfer funds to your bank account at any time during your business journey. All you have to do is enter the amount you want to withdraw, confirm the transaction, and wait for your local bank to process it.

Keep in mind that BitIQ does not charge any additional fees for these transactions, but your local bank can. Please review this information before trading.

Has BitIQ endorsed by Elon Musk?

Elon Musk 22

Rumors were there that Elon Musk encouraged Bitcoin trading through this app. However, we found no evidence to support these claims. Further background research on these rumors shows that they are used to redirect unsuspecting victims to cloned websites. BitIQ has posted a statement on its website warning users about cloned websites.

The scammers are using a cloned website to trick their target into thinking they are registering on the official BitIQ website. Scammers aim to steal your credentials and use them in their attacks. You should always be suspicious of trading bot posts linked to celebrities. Scammers use celebrity names as clickbait to trick victims into traps. Avoid duplicating website scams that only follow links from verified sources.

Has BitIQ featured on Shark Tank and other TV shows?

Shark Tank

Viral Reddit post claims BitIQ is on the show The Post claims that Holly Willoughby disclosed Bitcoin trading through a trading system. We analyzed these claims in-depth and confirmed that they are fake news. Another background check shows that it is being used as clickbait for a cloned BitIQ website. BitIQ has posted a statement on its official website warning the public about these cloned websites.

We also found that the headlines linking BitIQ to Shark Tanks and Dragons Den are also used as clickbait. Shark Tank and Dragons Den are reality TV shows that air in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. They show entrepreneurs presenting their ideas to a panel of wealthy investors for financing. BitIQ has never raised funds from angel investors. You can avoid the pitfalls of cloned websites by only following login links from verified sources.

Final Words- BitIQ is legit!

We are happy with our results for BitIQ. This trading platform is legal, transparent, and can make huge profits. We did a background check on the company behind this platform and found it to be very reliable. We also checked the relevant brokers in advance and made sure they are trustworthy.

Affiliate brokers are very important in automated trading because they handle all your trades. A litmus test of the legitimacy of a robot broker is the relevant broker. Trading platforms operating through offshore and unregulated brokers are undoubtedly a scam.

BitIQ works through first-class and reputable brokers. This fully guarantees the customer’s deposit security. Regulated Tier one online brokers are required to segregate customer deposits and file regular audit reports to regulators. These measures will help prevent fraud.

You can see that BitIQ is one of the most reviewed automated trading systems on the internet today. Reviews are generally positive and most customers report profitability. BitIQ is also the best option for professionals. This trading robot has everything you need to get rich, but it’s not without risk. Cryptocurrency trading usually involves a high level of risk. Investing all your savings in high-risk investments would be foolish. Invest wisely!

Frequently asked questions

How much do you pay for BitIQ?

Signing up for BitIQ is free for the lucky few who protect their registry space. BitIQ does not charge any additional fees for these transactions. The minimum deposit amount for BitIQ is $250.

Does BitIQ offer a mobile application?

There is no official mobile version of BitIQ. However, the web-based interface of this application is adaptable to any device that accesses it.

How much does BitIQ cost?

There is no registration fee to access the BitIQ trading platform. Registration fees may be introduced in the future, so register now.

Is BitIQ regulated?

Yes, BitIQ is a regulated platform; regulated brokers are serving on this platform.