Europe became the largest cryptocurrency economy with $1 trillion cryptocurrencies transactions between July 2020 to June 2021

Many people in the UK have been adopting cryptocurrencies and DeFi as it has become a primary investment choice for them. The number of people accepting cryptocurrencies and DeFi is continuously increasing there and that increase in numbers of people caused the UK to become the leading crypto-economy country as it records over $1 trillion … Read more

Google Will Assist Bakkt, In Introducing Cryptocurrency To Millions Of People.

Bakkt has formed another agreement to increase the number of cryptocurrency payment methods available. It’s with Google Cloud this time. Bakkt, a digital asset platform, has partnered with Google to “bring digital assets to millions of users.” Consumers will gain from “increased reach and access” to cryptocurrencies as a result of the cooperation, according to … Read more

Cryptocurrency Exchange, Binance has announced plans to establish a regional headquarters in Ireland.

Despite the fact that Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, continues to enrage regulators with its business practises, CEO Changpeng Zhao stated that Ireland is part of Binance’s global expansion plans. While some countries have prohibited the site from engaging in particular operations, others have cautioned users that it is operating without … Read more

Moneygram Launches a Revolutionary Blockchain Partnership With The Stellar Development Foundation!

MoneyGram International Inc. said on October 6 that it is collaborating with a non-profit that manages a blockchain network to use its technology to fast up money transfers and payments settlements. According to MoneyGram’s most recent annual report, the Dallas-based company is one of the top money-transfer providers, allowing users to send money to over … Read more

Following Growing Demands From Institutional Clients, US Bank Announces Cryptocurrency Custody Services!

US Bank, the country’s fifth-largest retail bank, is establishing its own cryptocurrency custody facility for fund managers, as financial services struggle to keep up with the quickly growing digital asset industry. U.S. Bancorp is the parent corporation of U.S. Bank, the country’s fifth-largest bank, with about 70,000 employees and $559 billion in assets as of … Read more

Bitcoin Has No Worth, And Government Will Soon Regulate The Hell Out Of It, According To Jamie Dimon, CEO Of JP Morgan!

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of major investment firm JP Morgan, has long been a bitcoin and cryptocurrency skeptic. Back in September 2017, he branded Bitcoin a scam, although he later apologized. In May, he recommended Americans to “avoid” bitcoin. Jamie Dimon reiterated his anti-bitcoin and crypto viewpoint in a Monday interview with Axios on HBO. … Read more

Lucky twenty-four hours for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The world’s most dominating cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, experienced a gain in price last night, due to the volatility and selloff. Bitcoin is at that point, where if its price rises or falls, it still will continue to dominate the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It takes multiple decades for companies to reach a milestone. But, Bitcoin is the only … Read more

Switzerland’s 1st Cryptocurrency Fund Has Been Approved!

The SIX Swiss Exchange’s Crypto Market Index 10 is used to monitor the progress of the top ten cryptocurrencies. As domestic economic regulators give more legal permissions for crypto investment vehicles, cryptocurrency usage growing rapidly in Switzerland. The Crypto Market Index Fund has been certified by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Body FINMA as the … Read more