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Yuan Pay Group is an automated trading bot that is completely based on technological algorithms to perform actions in cryptographic assets. As per the team of Yuan Pay Group’s automated trading, the bot has more than 99% accuracy in performing tasks. several features for traders have benefited from robotic services.

As per the global news article showing prominent figures supporting the automated trading bot of Yuan Pay Group. These claims by Yuan Pay Group verifies that the automated trading is authenticated and these actions analyze how the automated trading bot works and how efficient it is.

About Yuan Pay Group

Company Name- Yuan Pay Group

Website- Visit yuan pay group website

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Account Options*****
Minimum deposit 250250
Free DemoYes
Day TradingYes
Mobile AppNo
Advanced AlgorithmsYes
24/7 Customer supportYes
Payment optionsBank transfer, credit or debit card, PayPal

Yuan Pay Group

The automated trading bot of Yuan Pay Group makes the deal based on artificial intelligence technology to facilitate the automated trading of cryptographic assets. This automated bot uses signals from mathematical and statistical algorithms to analyze the best deal in the market and make them possible with the help of partner brokers. You may also check our review on other automated robots such as Bitcoin Equaliser.

All the transactions of Yuan Pay Group’s automated trading bot are conducted through an e-Yuan trading platform of cryptographic assets, This automated trading platform also claims that this platform has the power to be the best and first China’s state-backed cryptocurrency. Well, this statement is not yet confirmed and the primary thing is that it is important to note that these major changes may not materialize in practice and that projected price increases may also be an obstacle.

This automated trading bot has not only a fully automatic mode of trading but rather an automated trading bot of Yuan Pay Group provides the strategy to set up the parameters of trading activity for experienced and beginner traders. The automated trading bot of Yuan Pay Group analyses the market trend all day and night and 7 days in a week and this bot makes the deal automatically when all the market is low and parameters are met with the traders’ configuration.

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Who Created Yuan Pay Group

The automated trading bot of Yuan Pay Group is designed by the software developers of the china region, these developers also claim that their software is complete works with the guidelines to make the trading activity safe and secure in the financial market of cryptographic assets. This automated trading bot starts developing as soon the china’s government stated that they will launch their cryptocurrency in 2018. Following a lot of struggle and it takes a year in developing this platform, Yuan Digital (e-Yuan) was launched earlier this year even though it is a small number of coins has been released to test the automated trading bot.

Now after releasing it can be used in the transaction just in the same way the people use fiat coins to buy and sell goods and services at different places. these tokens can also be used in setting up bills and other digital payments. As well, Some of the coins are available in the market but only through the accredited agents of government or the certified brokers. Yuan Pay group is one of them, which allows users to exchange their currency for other cryptographic assets in addition to purchasing digital currency.

How does Yuan Pay Group work?

As per the team and members of Yuan Pay Group, This automated trading bot of Yuan Pay Group is partnering up with an authorized broker, These brokers offer a great margin to their clients who trade in cryptographic assets. This automated trading bot helps traders to make deals in cryptocurrency which makes the connection with the e-Yuan trading platform, Although this trading platform provides an interference relation between both Currencies and cryptographic assets.

Basically, an automated bot works on three factors which are market data analysis, market risk forecasting, and asset management. Market data analysis is a function of a news trading automation robot that interprets and stores raw market data from a wide variety of sources available around the world. The Yuan Pay Group’s automated trading bot also works with raw data using intelligent algorithms. The automated trading bot works with market data and calculates potential market risk.

According to market research, Yuan Pay Group automated trading robots will decide whether to buy/sell cryptocurrencies, an important feature of most automated trading robots. Assets management is the main and primary function of any automated bot as this module uses API technology to strategically buy and sell crypto assets. In some cases, immediate asset purchases are required, and the Yuan Pay Group’s automated trading robot handles all of these situations, which do not purchase crypto assets in bulk but trade them on the market accordingly.

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Why Choose Yuan Pay Group’s Automated Trading Bot To Trade

Here are some best and finest reasons to take this automated trading bot to analyze the facts of this bot in dealing with cryptographic assets. This report shows so many positive sides of this automated trading bot and here I am not noting some of the major factors to make our report stable.

The registration process is free and fast.

There is no cost to get started with Yuan Pay Group, Although the process of creating an account is very fast, The system will take only a few minutes to complete all the processes from registring account to start trading and the verification and financing process of the account will also take place in the same time.

24-hour digital assets trading

An auto trader uses artificial intelligence and machine learning through high critical algorithms to predict the market strategy before time and improves the efficiency of the trader in a deal, This automated trading bot has so many options of different cryptocurrencies, and this bot also operated in twenty-four hours as well this bot doesn’t need any kind of nap just same as the cryptographic world who never sleeps. You can trade anytime anywhere, It only takes less than 25 minutes to adjust the configuration, trading methodology, and strategy, and then you can start your trade with this automated bot.

User funds are safe

There are some risks in the cryptographic market and some with these kinds of automated bots because the market is highly volatile and there are many fake robots available in the market whose basic job is just to ask traders to deposit funds, There are instances when funds are lost after depositing on fraudulent platforms or without taking sufficient precautions of security. Well, this automated trading bot can reduce your risks, As this automated trading, bot claims that the system of Yuan Pay group is encrypted with sophisticated codes which makes them secure more than any other and also helps to keep traders’ data safe from stealing.

High success rate

This reason may one of the best reason to trade with Yuan Pay Group’s automated trading bot till now, This all is just possible because of the best algorithms which work with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology who helps in predicting the market trend as well the best news of the cryptographic world and then allows the bot to take proper action and also makes the bot performance high. This automated bot has a record of higher and best predictions ever, It succeeds in ways that are impossible for humans as traders.

Access multiple digital assets

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This platform gives traders, access to Digital Yuan which is currently not provided by every automated trading bot. This automated trading bot is offered exclusively through certain brokers of the market, This automated bot of Yuan Pay Group also provides traders with authentication of other various cryptographic assets which is already in use at their platform. These assets are regulated and are available on affiliate websites Which also offers a very clean and safe type of investment in cryptographic assets.

Features Of Yuan Pay Group’s Automated Trading Bot


Yuan Pay Group has a highly automated and transparent payment gateway. It processes payments as soon as the live trading session ends. In the panel of Platform, investors have the option to choose whether to withdraw their profits or want to continue their trade to make a new profit using that money as a new investment, all of which can happen within a second after the total payout is calculated.

Withdrawal system

Yuan Pay Group’s automated trading robot takes over the trader’s investment value and privacy. This automated trading robot ensures transparency in calculating traders’ actual return on investment. This feature allows traders to check whether their earnings are accurate or not. All payments will be made within 24 hours of the end of the live trading session.


Yuan Pay Group supports trading activities to maximize return on investment. This automatic trading robot charge a certain percentage of the profits earned by traders, and the software charges it as a service fee.

Customer service

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Yuan Pay Group has a very efficient and responsive customer support team. The customer support is available 24 hours a day and their customer support team always tries to resolve customer inquiries as quickly as possible and always responds very smartly to all queries.


All brokers available on the platform are highly skilled and excellent at working experience in the cryptographic world. Brokers of Yuan Pay Group are industry experts and they closely monitor all trading operations performed by automated trading robots to ensure that no traders are lost or counterfeited by automated trading robots, either from system crashes or under any circumstances other errors.

Pros & Cons Of Yuan Pay Group’s Automated Trading Bot

Simple registration and verification processThe platform does not support all digital assets.
Fast response times allow you to quickly execute tasks.The $250 minimum deposit can be high for some users.
A good demo account for beginners 
Payment will be processed in 24 hours 
No fees 
Access through the whole world 
Provides exclusive Chinese currency 
Regulated trustworthy brokers. 
Good customer support 

How to Create Yuan Pay Group’s Trader Account

You just need to go to the website of Yuan Pay Group on your laptop, desktop, or smartphone – For this access, you should have a secure and safe internet connection.

Creating an account with Yuan Pay Group is simple. Just follow the steps in the procedure.

Fill out the registration form

You can easily find a registration form on the home page of the Yuan Pay Group. Filling out the form is not very complicated. You just need to enter your first name, last name, email, and phone number. Other details may come later.

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Check details

After that, you will be redirected to your Yuan Pay Group dashboard. You can update or correct your data by clicking Personal Data in Control Panel. You can’t just change your email address.

Please upload a verification document.

If you have not completed the KYC (Know Your Customer) process, your registration has not been completed yet. During this process, you will need to upload some documents to verify your identity and address.

And after this process, your Yuan Pay Group’s automated trading bot is ready to place the best deals.

How To Trade Smartly With Yuan Pay Group

Yuan Pay Group works with the best-experienced brokers of the cryptographic world to provide trading services to their users, And this shows that all the deals placed are operated by the broker’s control panel. There is no need to worry because you can easily monitor your current as well as previous transactions. There is an option at the dashboard from where you can check your deposits, payouts, and the parameters of your trade.

To begin with, Yuan Pay Group traders need to register first, and then can start trading.


Make your registration through the official website of Yuan Pay Group, You need to fill up your name and other details as we mentioned above. Until the registration process is done you don’t have to provide any documentation.

Deposit funds

You need to deposit at least $250 to start the trade and enjoy the services of the automated trading bot. Traders can not withdraw this amount but can use this in the trading as their initial investment. 

Demo account

Before starting a trade you can choose the demo feature, which is free of cost, and also there you can trade in the cryptographic world which is the virtual market but works as same as the real world. there you will get $1500 in your demo account and through that money, you can experience the trade.


Now after dealing with the demo account, an automated bot will analyze the market trend and find the best opportunity to make a trade. This algorithm is useful for beginners and experienced traders. As well, existing traders can also customize their parameters of trading according to their master plan.

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Yuan Pay Group Legitimacy

The automated trading bot of Yuan Pay Group provides the best deals in cryptographic assets, this automated trading bot platform has a very decent atmosphere and promises that e-Yuan will rise to more than five thousand USD per token when China accepts it as a state-backed digital token, but there is no guarantee when all this will happen.

The automated trading bot of Yuan Pay Group works with the best brokers of the cryptographic world and it claims to be almost 100% accurate, well this is not true. This automated platform also displays the fake Forbes magazine cover that appears to support their services. The Forbes magazines never showed the way the group claims.

Traders should use automated bot’s functions available on the control panel such as customizing trading parameters and demo account feature And should remember that this market is highly volatile so the claim Yuan Pay Group made of making a profit of $10,000 every day is worthless, You need to research yourself before using an automated trading bot of Yuan Pay Group.

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Bottom Line

This automated trading of Yuan Pay Group, a digital software that allows traders to access the Chinese currency takes our interest, and then we do a lot of research and get to know actually what all about Yuan Pay Group’s automated trading bot. This automated bot can provide you access to Yuan in digital form while trading with cryptographic assets. This automated trading bot works on high algorithms which may be as similar as other crypto trading bots.

The official site of Yuan Pay Group claims that their automated bot is best in the market and there are only very few intermediaries that are allowing Yuan in the digital form. This automated bot also has an auto mode through which it analyses the market trend and then makes a prediction based on data collected and then places the deals on behalf of traders. Traders can easily fund the account of Yuan Pay Group, Customer service of Yuan Pay Group is very quick and removes all the obstacles coming in between traders and the platform. Overall We can say now that this system is easy to use and can be reliable to both beginners and existing traders but traders should research themself before trading.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q-Is there any charge to use Yuan Pay Group?

A-No, This automated trading bot allows users to keep 100% of their earnings as per the official site.

Q-How many cryptocurrencies are supported on Yuan Pay Group?

A-Yuan Pay Group offers access to the Digital Yuan. Also, traders can access other top digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more.

Q-Can I exchange the Digital Yuan On Yuan Pay Group for other cryptocurrencies?

A-Yes. This is possible.

Q-What can we buy using fiat currencies on Yuan Pay Group?

A-You can easily exchange it with any crypto token as well you can also exchange it with Digital Yuan.

Q-Is Yuan Pay Group regulated?

A-The platform is associated with other regulated brokers as per the site.

Q-Is there any need for verification before trading?

A-Yes. This is to ensure a secure platform for all traders.