Bored Ape Yacht – Is It Temporary Craze Or Future Of NFTs?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club is a 10,000-strong collection of Bored Ape NFTs. On the Ethereum blockchain, NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital valuables. Since these virtual images are non-fungible tokens, owners are assured of owning a one-of-a-kind picture. Emperor Tomato Ketchup, Gordon Goner, Gargamel, and Nosass are the BAYCs’ founders. Some of them were not newcomers … Read more

Australian Competition Watchdog Investigating Meta for Crypto Scam Ads

Facebook’s parent company, Meta is under investigation by Australia’s consumer and competition  (ACCC) watchdog because of the unending series of fake cryptocurrency advertisements of the platform. Just after the news that Andrew Twiggy Forrest, the billionaire businessman was pursuing criminal action against the Meta, a social media Giant for reportedly showing fake articles and crypto scam … Read more

Crypto mining is advantageous in Russia, Putin’s analysis

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia has given hope to crypto enthusiasts who have been in a threat of banning cryptocurrencies and mining regarding digital assets’ future in the country. In a video conference on 26th Jan 2022, Putin with the members of the Russian Government said that he would like to “start with an issue … Read more

Crypto Exchange Bitfinex Advises Ontario Users To Withdraw Funds

Bitfinex, a cryptocurrency exchange, has requested its Ontario customers to withdraw their funds because they will lose access to all Bitfinex operations in March. Bitfinex announced on Friday that it is implementing changes to the services it offers to consumers in Ontario. Binance, OKEx, Bybit, KuCoin, and Polo Digital Assets are among the crypto exchanges … Read more

Bank Of Russia Proposes Ban On The Use, Trade, And Mining Of Cryptocurrencies

On Thursday, Russia’s central bank suggested banning crypto-related activities like issuance, trade, and mining, citing concerns to financial stability, residents’ well-being, and the country’s monetary policy sovereignty. In a paper titled “Cryptocurrencies: Trends, Risks, and Measures,” Russia’s central bank advocates for a ban on a variety of crypto activities. The document was released on Thursday, … Read more

Shiba Inu listing on Robinhood is delayed due to lack of regulatory clarity

A popular commission-free trading site, Robinhood will wait for regulatory clarity before listing other cryptocurrencies including Shiba Inu, a meme-based cryptocurrency as requested by a lot of users. During the wall street journal’s virtual CFO Network Summit, Jason Warnick, Chief Financial officer of Robinhood said that before adding new related tokens the company needs to … Read more

JPMorgan Shares Future Outlook on Crypto Markets

JPMorgan Chase & Co., a global investment bank, has released a report on the future of crypto markets, which includes Ethereum upgrades, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Cryptocurrency marketplaces, according to the bank, are becoming increasingly relevant to financial services. On Friday, JPMorgan analyst Kenneth Worthington released a report on the crypto market’s … Read more

Crypto Betting Service Polymarket fined $1.4M by CFTC

Polymarket, a crypto forecasting website headquartered in New York City, has agreed to pay a $1.4 million fine to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The company, whose popularity soared during the global epidemic, has been operating an unregistered service that allows people to gamble on the future outcome around since June 2020 which filed … Read more

Central Bank of Russia to Collect Data on Cryptocurrency Transactions

The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) is requesting information from banks and other financial institutions on a variety of financial transactions involving private individuals, includes cryptocurrency investors. The regulation is likely to have an impact on online crypto exchangers, whom the authority accuses of operating illegally. The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) intends to collect … Read more

Mexico’s Third Richest Billionaire Says ‘Buy Bitcoin’ In New Year Message

People should avoid fiat currencies like the dollar and euro and instead invest in bitcoin, according to Mexico’s third-richest billionaire. He referred to fiat money as false money made of paper and lies,and said that central banks are producing more money than ever before. Ricardo Salinas Pliego, Mexico’s third-richest billionaire, offered some advice in a … Read more