Crypto News 11 February: Shiberse Land sale, Floor price drop of NFT and more….

Skyweaver Launches Open Beta

After testing for months behind closed doors Skyweaver, an NFT turn-based card game has gone live this week for its Open Beta.

Skyweaver was developed by Horizon Blockchain Games and is based on the Polygon network. The team of Horizon Blockchain Games created the standard token ERC-1155. This game allows the user to win tokenized cards by fighting each other and then trade the card via its marketplace.

This game already has 233,000 app installs, as stated by Skyweaver. In the private beta, around 345,000 people signed up for the waitlist, and more than 3 million games were played in the private beta.

According to Peter Kieltyka, CEO and Co-Founder of Horizon Blockchain Games, the firm has been functioning on making the game user friendly as possible.

“We’ve been crafting Skyweaver for the past four years, fine-tuning the mechanics and user experience to ensure everyone can enjoy — while maintaining the purity of Web3. We’re committed to providing millions of people with easy and secure access to Web3, where everyone can own, use, and enjoy digital assets.

NFT Floor Prices Dropped

This week the NFT market has experienced a major dropdown and the floor prices of many top projects have also suffered losses of around 10%. 

According to the NFT Price Floor data, over the past 24 hours, The Clone X, teh Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), and CryptoPunks al have released 6.67%, 8.79%, and 9.47% to perch on the floor price of 14 Ether, 91 Ether, and 66.95 Ether respectively.

After suffering a rapid roll to date in 2022, the market, particularly BAYC’s floor is relaxing with starting teh year at 60 Ether which has almost doubled on Feb. 1 to around 118 Ether.

As the trading volumes of these projects are declining, their floor price has also shown a major pullback as observed on the Open Sea. As per the report, the total trading activity of the platform decreased by 30%.

Metaverse of Shiba Inu“Shiberse”

The group behind the most famous token Shiba Inu. is carrying out tokenized land named “Shiba Lands” as a part of its impending metaverse project. 

The impending Metaverse of Shiba has not received a name yet, meanwhile, the team refers to it as the “Shiberse” and according to them the official name for Shiberse would be given at the end of this month. 

The tokenized land sake and the auction launch date are yet to be announced soon. The first access to the land selling events will be given to the holders of the LEASH tokens. 

In the blog post of Feb. 8 in order to make the asset more than just a meme coin, the team highlighted the importance of providing more effectiveness to the SHIB ecosystem and some demarcate plans.

“Overall, our focus is not only to disrupt the Metaverse industry but many industries outside the crypto world. Therefore we are early, but most importantly, our Metaverse serves as the anchor in our sustainable ecosystem, as we add even more utility, projects, and benefits for our beloved ShibArmy.”