Anarchist Bar & Pub in Brussels, Belgium Now Accepting Payment Through Crypto Tokens

A bar & pub in Brussels which is frequented by local anarchists lately introduced their new way of payment with crypto tokens. The place was recently renovated and the owner mentions that crypto tokens especially Bitcoin are the future’s money. The owner further added that their outlet is one of the first among all establishments in the Belgian capital to accept payment through digital coins.

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Bar & pub of anarchists in Belgium was renovated by a group of people in the last two years. Gregoire is one of the owners of this bar; he releases a press note in the English bulletin of the Belgian news portal and mentions that ” Cafe has to adapt to the times”. Grégoire elaborated that he comments this on the decision to accept digital crypto tokens in the form of payment.

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” Crypto tokens like bitcoin are the money transfer of the future. Our cafe is allowing everyone to purchase a pint of brew through digital tokens.

Moreover, Gregoire admits they don’t have any customers who are willing to make payments with crypto tokens. However, the services of accepting digital crypto payments were recently launched. It may need some proper time for crypto enthusiasts to realize.

“We just accept it and people still don’t know about it,” Gregoire added to this in the English bulletin. He further described that “there are some stickers on the doors and windows which clarifies that we are accepting payment with digital tokens but it is something like introducing the internet in 1990”.

“If a customer wants to make payment through a crypto token, they only need to say bitcoin and then they can easily scan the QR code. The transferred money will be credited to our bank account and we will add it to our cash register, Gregoire explained how customers can make payments.

The Dolle Mol bar has begun to accept crypto tokens

In the heart of Europe, downtown Brussels, The Dolle Mol cafe has begun to accept cryptocurrencies, now they are offering their beverages in return for digital tokens. One of the most famous anarchist bars on Rue des Éperonniers is one of the first among all units that accepts digital tokens as the payment method in the Belgian city, claimed by the owner.