The Ongoing War leads Ukraine to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether donations

Previously, Ukraine rejected crypto donations but in order to support its troops and civilians amidst the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, the Ukrainian government via Twitter appealed for support from different nations and also asked the Crypto community to raise funds by showing their acceptance towards Bitcoin, Ether, USDT, etc as donations.

Ukraine tweet on crypto donation

The government of Ukraine has also appealed for help from different international organizations amid war threats through the country, the Ukrainian government has also asked for help from the Crypto community Twitter. 

On Saturday Ukrainian government has received about 117 ether ($320,000), 9.9 bitcoin ($390,000), and various small amounts of other cryptocurrencies. A few days ago, the government has legalized crypto by passing a bill irrespective of legalizing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions. On the other hand, Russia has still not decided whether to ban or allow cryptocurrency transactions.

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Olexander Scherba, an old Ukrainian diplomat on Saturday tweeted that “To those who want to help in bitcoin. Bitcoin is officially legit in Ukraine– just like this account and this retweet doesn’t mind the comments of our Russian brothers.”

Ukraine seemingly deleted its tweet announcing crypto support “Stand with teh people of Ukraine as we defend ourselves against Russian aggression.” and after posting a simple post saying “ Stand with teh people of Ukraine” Ukraine tweeted that “Sorry the team is exhausted without sleep, we make mistakes in tweets and tweet them back.”

Vitaliok Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum was doubtful regarding an appeal for crypto donations and was thinking that the Ukrainian accounts that are requesting donations were hacked. Nevertheless, after that Tomicah Tillemann, an American diplomat has confirmed from the Ukrainian ambassador Olexander Scherba that the accounts are legit. 

According to the Ukrainian militants who are now refugees, their access to credit cards and fiat savings has been lost. About 150,000 people of Ukraine has been displaced from their place on Feb. 26 as per the report of the United Nations. After the release of the non fungible token (NFT), Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, UkraineDAO has also launched in order to raise funds in support of the people of Ukraine who are suffering from Putin’s aggression. 

Many Foreigners have also requested Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence for crypto donations.

According to teh recent reports, it is now believed that the donations that are shared by the Ukrainian government will be directly used by the government however the DAO donations will be transferred to citizen welfare through an NGO.