Detailed Article On QUBITICA (QBIT):

What is Qubitica?

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Different independent developers, companies and organizations are working hard to pay keen concentration and focus on DLT, AI, FinTech, capital funding, and also on local market access to build an authentic decentralized IT community so-called Qubitica (QBIT).

In simple words of understanding, we can say that Qubitica is a special network of blockchain and AI (artificial intelligence) experts aim to develop such project that is reliable to invest in future tech products. This project of experts is designed to gear towards the promotion of different profitable innovations especially in the field of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and in other advanced technologies too.

This project is recently based in Mauritius along with partnerships in the African continent. It is found out that this project has got support from different authorities, universities and educational institutions. 

According to the team of experts, the most interesting feature of this project is that the QBIT can also be used as a membership token; by using this one can have an access to various services and communities. QBIT can also be designated as, “democratic, distributed company”. The goal of this project is to rely on democratic processes just to guide its future development. 

Engineers, examiners, and IT specialists are all its user’s base, they all interact with one another through different channels. The top-ranking products offer by Qubitica are marketing services, blockchains, and artificial intelligence. Want to know more about the Top 10 Most Promising Cryptocurrency in 2021 click here.

History of Qubitica:

Daniel Takriti designed and launched this product in April 2018. He is among the best software developers and was also a former director of Infoline Computer Gmbh. The main aim behind this project development is to describe his project’s team as a community of blockchain and artificial intelligence experts and to develop such tactics that can play a vital role in the growth of this project. It is also meant to do investment in the products of future. 

The team experts of Qubitica also launched its Mining Project on Ethereum, Hyperledger and Ox platforms in May. Another project was also launched deals with the idea of “artificially linked intelligence”, abbreviated as ALI; this project idea released a token sale just to raise different funds for the project at that month.

The most interesting feature of this project is that, it was launched without an ICO, and still it claims total supply of 10 million tokens that are created, along with 2.8 million currently in circulation. 

The coin started trading on its first major exchange by August 2018 and exceeded the market cap of $30 million just by February 2019. 

The basic principle that supported Qubitica to create such a vast community is that by using this project every worker should be able to be a boss of a piece of a company. This project has developers from dozens of countries who are interested in making decentralized applications on this platform, and also have investors who are interested in using this platform for their financial profit.

Why should I buy Qubitica?

After discussing Qubitica introduction we conclude that it is a crypto currency- based IT platform. It is not wrong to say that this latest launched project has several advantages over more traditional forms of token-based projects and tech-associations too. 

Here listed below are few of the advantages of Qubitica over other traditional projects. 

Provides Democracy in the System: This project is based on the decentralization idea, so it is governed by individual holders rather than the hold of any third party. This project-based idea is very beneficial for every user. By using this technique users can utilize their votes in the administration of the platform and can play a participatory role in guiding its future.

Providing Vast Community: Until now, this project has stemmed its network over 20 countries and to 1,000 software designers. Qubitica’s team experts have an access to several professionals and IT associations, this relationship further help their own project to make it more useful and trustful for their users. It also leads to new investment opportunities and also in providing more investors. 

Fair and Successful Distribution: Those developers who are registered with the platform have an opportunity to receive QBIT for the successful implementation of their project and thus in turn, can receive a share in overall structure. Power of programming couldn’t be neglect in accomplishing the goals of Qubitica. QBITs now can be retained or exchanged for BTC or ETH.

Qubitica Works

How Qubitica Works?

QBIT is native to the Ethereum block chain, and is ERC20 compliant token. QBIT is used as an intermediary token by its closed source platforms. But still the services provided by Qubitica team experts can be paid if you are using wide variety of crypto currencies and its tokens. 

The aim of Qubitica is to produce benefits from all ventures by offering them authentic licenses and contacting them to administrations which utilize its network. It must be taken into consideration that all services made by the community must be in democratic process. This only can be possible by enforcing governance through recording of vote tallies on the block chain and through small contracts. Hence following this the project becomes more trustworthy and transparent. This structure is associated with democratically-determined functions.

How to Buy Qubitica?

Following are the steps; deal with how to buy Qubitica.

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STEP 1: 

To buy Qubitica you need to have ETH. If you do not have it you need to buy Ethereum through exchanges that can accept debit, credit, or bank transfer. These exchanges may include Binance, Bitfinix, Coinbase, Kraken, and Bitstamp. If any of the exchanges in step 2 accept BTC, you may use it instead of ETH.


Make sure to open those exchanges that trade Qubitica such as,

  • Sistemkoin
  • WhiteBIT
  • P2PB2B
  • Livecoin 


Now transfer your BTC or ETH in the exchange of your account you have just set up.


While performing your BUY transaction make sure to consider limit order at the price of your convenience. 


While setting up the wallet make sure to check its compatibility with your Qubitica.


Now it is time to transfer your Qubitica. For this transfer your Qubitica out of the exchange to your wallet, and make sure to keep your private key at a safe place for later use. 

Where to Store your Qubitica?

Qubitica Wallets

As Qubitica is associated with Ethereum network (ERC-20), therefore it can be stored using ETH friendly wallet. Guidelines are also available to manage an unofficially supported ERC-20 token, check them on Ledger and Trezor. But make sure to connect your Trezor or Ledger to MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto. 

After the purchase of Qubitica you can store them on exchanges, but the most authentic and reliable way would be, using a dedicated wallet for security and long term storage. Hardware wallets are one of the best choices, and are more reliable for those who are going to store a lot of value and are planning to work on it for long term. In terms of security hardware wallets are also considered as the best choice but they cost a lot of amount. 

Here I’m gonna recommend you some wallets, that are helpful in storing your coins in best possible way. 

Nano Ledger S

Ledger Nano S

It includes Ethereum, Bitcoin and Altcoins hardware wallets. The principle of this wallet is based on robust safety features so that you can store cryptographic assets and can secure digital payments. 

Trezor One:

It includes altcoins and bitcoins hardware wallets.


It is known as All-in-on app used to manage, secure and exchange blockchain assets. ANDROID



It includes Altcoins and Tokens and also provides Security-First Multi – Asset SegWit-Enabled Wallet for Bitcoin.


It is available both as a mobile App and the browser extension. MetaMask helps you with the secure login, key vault, and token wallet. It provides with everything you need to manage your digital assets.

Ledger Nano X:

It is the next level of hardware wallet. The main advantage of this app is that it buys and securely manage your crypto currency in one-single app, wherever you are.

Trezor Wallet T

Trezor Model T:

This Premium Trezor Hardware Wallet provides its users with additional supported coins and full color touchscreen.


It is available on Ios and Android and is the free mobile crypto currency wallet.

Qubitica Forecast and Prediction Overview:

Once you want to buy Qubitica coins, you may ask questions that come into your mind like:”Should I invest in Qubitica now?”, “Should I buy QBIT today or not?”, “Am I gonna do the right thing or not?”, “Will QBIT coin be a good investment method either for short-term or long-term period?”

For this make sure to update yourself with Qubitica forecast regularly with fresh values. Similar predictions are the best way to check out. There are some websites working on the development of forecast of future prices especially for huge amount of digital coins like Qubitica by using technical analysis method. 

To find crypto currencies with a good return make sure make sure to search for maximum available sources about Qubitica so that after understanding you can make such a responsible decision about the investment in digital coin by yourself. 

Remember that Qubitica price is $0,0758 USD today but the price can go up and down and there is the high chance of losing your investment because it is said that crypto currency is high-risk asset.

Based on Bitcoin’s Growth Pattern, Qubitica Price Prediction:

Here is the explanation showing Qubitica price prediction that is based on Bitcoin’s growth pattern.

If Qubitica has 1% of Bitcoin’s previous average grow per year

Than following growth will be observed for the year 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 respectively

$0,08 $0,08 $0,08 and $0,08

If Qubitica has 2% of Bitcoin’s previous average grow per year

Than following growth will be observed for the year 2022, 2023, 202 and 2025 respectively

$0,08 $0,08 $0,09 and $0,09

If Qubitica has 5% of Bitcoin’s previous average grow per year

Than following growth will be observed for the year 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 respectively

$0,09 $0,1 $0,11 and $0,13

If Qubitica has 10% of Bitcoin’s previous average grow per year

Than following growth will be observed for the year 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 respectively

$0,1 $0,13 $0,16 and $0,21

If Qubitica has 20% of Bitcoin’s previous average grow per year

Than following growth will be observed for the year 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 respectively

$0,12 $0,19 $0,3 and $0,47

If Qubitica has 50% of Bitcoin’s previous average grow per year

Than following growth will be observed for the year 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 respectively

$0,19 $0,45 $1,11 and $2,7

If Qubitica has 100% of Bitcoin’s previous average grow per year

Than following growth will be observed for the year 2022, 2023, 202 and 2025 respectively

$0,29 $1,15 $4,45 and $17,32

Qubitica(QBIT) Price Predictions:

To have a better understanding of QBIT market fluctuation rates, introduction of Crypto Volatility Index (CVIX) is much helpful. The purpose of its introduction is to clear the picture of present price dynamics, and also helpful in offering some beneficial hints at the possible scenarios related to future price action.

Traders usually come to the crypto currency market to find digital assets that are promising and capable of giving high, but extremely high returns. This can only be possible through volatility that is actually inherent to this space. Qubitica is the point of attraction for most of the crypto currency traders against stocks, Forex and many other traditional markets. It seems as good alternative by many traders, though its capability has been hampered by recent crisis. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that volatility plays immensely an important role in crypto trading. 

Recently, the Crypto Volatility Index of Qubitica market is 1. This market rate shows the absence of medium price and sharp fluctuations, and after seeing this we can say that the volatility is quite low. If we talk about the current price of Qubitica then it is $27.64, with the decrease in -0.69% in the last 24 hours. 

If we check the record of last 30 days of Qubitica then it is found out that the price of Qubitica has been increased by 2 763 605 548.79%. While the expected volatility for the next 7-days are at its lowest value, and hence the price fluctuation would be insignificant. 

Incorporation of CVIX into Price Prediction Model:

Key Factors:

CVIX is preferably the most effective instrument, by using which we can determine the crowd expectations. 

It is one of the best critical elements of price movement.

This index also takes into account the occurrences of coin in the Crypto market and shows proven and increasing correlation with the Bitcoin price action.

The positive value of convergence is observed when CVIX go down, and on the other hand price starts plotting to the upside. In this way, the algorithm concludes that there will be high chance of upside action over the deputed period of time. 

In short we can say that CVIX actually displays how conscious the market participants are because of the price of Qubitica that is dropping significantly over the last 30 days, this shows negative volatility. 

The following three points are enough to understand the importance of CVIX in understanding and estimating the price of Qubitica in the market, and conclude rather it will be beneficial or not.

  • If the value of CVIX resides in between 51- 100 it starts flashing red and demonstrates the upcoming increased probability of sharp price fluctuations.
  • If CVIX flashes green then its value resides in between 1-20, this demonstrates that the trader now expects the market to remain calm and must be predictable for the said period of time.
  • If the value resides between 21-50, it means Yellow CVIX, and describes the fact that traders are now expecting some swings upside or the downside, but at this time no disruptive changes should be made to the overall trend structure.


After writing a detailed article on QBIT one must say that in future this project will play a vital role to invest in future tech product. By using comprehensive Qubitica price analysis, we can determine the price fluctuations of Qubitica in trade marketing industry. And one can conclude either it will be beneficial to invest in Qubitica coins or not.