Everything About the LTN or Life Token Coin

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LTN coin or Life Token is made for the purpose of charity orientation in the Binance smart chain. In the world, the cases of suicide are getting increase, so in the prevention of suicide, the LTN coin was introduced to save people from suicide.

Some Tokenomics for LTN Coin

  • 1% transaction will be burn
  • 5% transaction fee will be donated to charities that are working on saving people from suicide.
  • 4% of transactions distributed to the holders or miners.
  • In the current update of 2021, the LTN coin ranked at 3552 positions in coinmarketcap stats.

There are many crypto exchanges where the Life token has been listed. So as like other cryptocurrencies, you can’t buy it via fiat currency. But as like other cryptocurrencies you can easily buy the LTN coin through a cryptocurrency exchange. First, you need to buy bitcoin and then you can buy the LTN coin by paying in bitcoin. In this article, we will guide you about where and how you can buy the LTN coin. What are the market predictions, and which tools are used in the LTN coin trading?

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Where to Buy LTN Coin

As we know the LTN coin is the altcoin and is available on the crypto exchanges. So we need to have bitcoin to purchase the LTN coin. There are crypto exchanges in the market that are trading in the LTN coin. So first you need to make an account on those exchanges and then you need to deposit the bitcoin so you can buy the life token. The following exchanges are dealing in the LTN coin

  • Binance
  • Gate.io
  • Pancakes Wap(V2)

Binance and gate.io are the most famous exchanges in the crypto world. Both exchanges have a huge number of users who are trading on a daily basis and earning good profits. The huge numbers of users on both exchanges are giving the guarantee of the authentication of the exchange reliability. So if you go for these exchanges then it is very clear your trading career is highly bright. Let’s take a look at some brief introductions of gate.io and Binance.


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The Binance crypto exchange is the most popular exchange in the world. Whenever someone hears about bitcoin trading the Binance name clicks in their mind. Binance was started in China, and then after some time, the headquarters moved to the island of Malta in Europe. The high-quality services of Binance make it popular among the traders. In the scene of the Mania in 2017, the Binance exploded immediately and this is the reason it became a top crypto platform. So you can trust the Binance on the buying of the LTN coin. The only drawback of the Binance is that it is now allowing US investors and traders. So if you are a US citizen you need to go for another exchange.


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If you are a US citizen and want to buy the LTN coin then Gate.io is the best option for you.  It is an American-based crypto exchange that was started in 2017. Usually, US citizens prefer this exchange for investment and trading. The gate.io is available for the whole world, and it is available in the English and Chinese languages. The gate.io is famous for the high volume of crypto trading and wide range of cryptocurrencies. You usually find all altcoins in this exchange. It is considered in the top 20 exchanges. The daily basis trading volume is 100 million USD. The most popular trading paid is USDT. Usually, traders buy the USD for trading crypto. So if you want to buy the Life token coin then gate.io  is the best option. 

How to Buy LTN Coin

The purchase of the LTN coin or the life token coin considers the 3 main steps which are mentioned below.

1. Make Account on Coinbase

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For purchasing any cryptocurrency you need to have Bitcoin or Ethereum (ETH). Similarly for the LTN coin, you need to have bitcoin or ETH. So for this purpose, you need to go for the coinbase. Coinbase is one of the most famous crypto exchanges and electronic wallets. So you need to deposit your fiat currency in Coinbase and then you can buy the bitcoin or ETH. The good news is if you buy the coin by clicking on the link below then you will get the reward of the BTC worth $10 after the purchasing of the cryptocurrency worth $100. Read our guide on How to buy Bitcoin(BTC)? The Best Sites in 2021

2. Buy BTC or ETH with Fiat Currency

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Once you create the account on Coinbase, now the next step is the purchase of BTC or ETH. For this add your payment method. Either you can add your debit/credit card details or you can directly make a bank transfer. If you are going to use your credit or debit card you will be charged a high fee but the transaction is made instantly. However, if you go with the bank transfer then you can have less fee but the process is slow (it will depend on your country). In some countries like European countries, you can have instant deposit with a bank transfer. Once you set the payment method now click on the button with the name “trade” on the left top of the screen. After this choose the coin that you want to buy. After selecting, confirm the transaction. Done? Congratulations you are the owner of a cryptocurrency now.

3. Now Transfer Crypto to Exchange

So now come to the purchase of the LTN or life token coin. So now you have bitcoin or ETH. It’s time to deposit in the exchange for the purchase of the LTN. We already mentioned the exchange names above. You can go above and read again. Create the coin on the exchange and deposit your crypto. For this, you will have the bitcoin deposit address in the exchange, copy that address and go to the coin case. Go to the send and put that address. Enter the amount of the crypto that you want to transfer. Confirm your transaction details and press done. After some minutes you will have your bitcoin in the exchange. Now go to the trade, find the LTN coin and buy the coin.

Where to Keep LTN Coins?

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I hope you have purchased the LTN coin successfully. Now the next question is where to keep the LTN coin? If you are planning to keep or hold your LTN coin for a long time then you should look for a way where you can keep it securely. For example if you are using the Binance exchange and no doubt it has the most secure wallet. But still the wallet can be hackable and there is a threat of losing the funds. The Binance wallet is online so it is called a hot wallet. This is relatively less secure than a cold wallet.

So ultimately you should go for the cold wallet for the LTN security. The cold wallet is offline, the only blockchain could access that wallet, or if we make the cold wallet online then it can be accessed via the internet. Usually, cold wallets are hardware wallets. In this wallet, offline private and public key generated no internet connection exists with it. So there are very low chances of the wallet being hacked.

The most common example of a cold wallet is a hardware wallet. The hardware wallet has a USB port, and this USB stores the key information of the wallet and it is the most secure way. These types of hardware wallets are made with military-level securities and secure with high firewalls. The Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano X are the most famous hardware wallets. We will take a look at both below. The hardware wallets are not free, so you have to pay some money for getting these wallets. For holding the cryptocurrency with high security, I think purchasing the wallet is not an expensive investment.

Ledger Nano S

Nono Ledger Wallet

The Ledger Nano S was manufactured by a well-known company in 2014 and is the most secured chip used in this wallet. It is a lightweight and portable wallet. The setup of the wallet is highly user-friendly and easy. The blockchain and wide range of the tokens like ERC 20 used in the Ledger Nano S. This wallet can be used on the desktop and laptops. The price of the wallet is economical, so investors or traders can easily buy it.

Ledger Nano X

Ledger Nano X is the next version of the Ledger Nano S. It is more powerful than the Ledger Nano S, because of the most secure chip ST33 used in this wallet. It has a rechargeable battery but still it is lightweight and portable. The screen of the wallet is large and has more storage than the Ledger Nano S. It is also manufactured by the famous company in 2014 with a highly secured chip. This wallet supports a wide range of tokens like ERC-20 and blockchains. It can easily be used on the desktop and laptop, even smartphone versions are also available that you can connect through Bluetooth. The best thing about this wallet is that it is available in different languages. The price is high economical against the features you are getting in it.

 LTN Coin Price Prediction

The future of the LTN is bright according to the senior crypto analyst and traders. The current value of the LTN coin is 0.00000038$ and the price of this coin can be reached to 0.00000169$. According to analysts the price of the LTN will for sure increase, the minimum price can be 0.00000154 and the maximum value can be 0.00000187. So if you want to keep this a long time investment then you go for this. Let’s take a look at the price prediction country-wise.


Tools Used for the Life Token Coin Trading

For a successful trade in Life token trading, there are various tools that use it. These tools will make your trading smooth and secure. So let’s take a look at each tool.

1. Nord VPN

Nord Vpn

If you are a professional trader or have knowledge of cryptocurrency then for sure you know very well about the decentralization of cryptocurrencies. Similarly, the LTN coin is also a decentralized coin, and you are only responsible for the security of the coin. In case of any mishap, you can’t claim to any organization. If you are using the hardware wallet then your coin is safe but what about if you are using it for the trade? Then who is taking the guarantee for security? Of course no one so you have to be sure of the security of the LTN. So for this, you can use the VPN. Not every VPN can provide you security. So you have to choose the best one. In my recommendation NordVPN. This VPN will secure your connection and no one can trace your device.

2. Surf Shark

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Surf Shark is the alternative to NordVPN. NordVPN is a costly VPN but highly secured. If you don’t have the budget then you can go with the surf shark VPN. This VPN is specifically developed for crypto trading. This VPN has more than 3200 servers in different 65 countries. So it is a very fast VPN and keeps your trading smooth. It will secure your trading platform from phishing, malware, and hackers. There is no limitation on this VPN and of course, it is premium you have to buy it. If you buy this VPN from our link you will get a high discount. You can get this VPN for 2.49$ per month.

3. CryptoTrader.Tax

If you are an experienced trader and earning good profit with the trading, then it is very difficult to maintain the record of the earning from the trading. This is called capital tracking. This becomes more difficult if you are using multiple accounts for trading. In this situation, the cryptotrader.tax can be beneficial. It will automatically make track of your capital and relieve the pain of preparing the bitcoin and crypto taxes. It is a fully automated process software. You have to provide the information about this software so how it could work accurately.

Make sure you are providing accurate information to the cryptotrader.tax. It will always update your trading activities and record everything that will help you in managing your assets and capital. You can even generate daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly reports with this tool. So if you want to have headache-free trading get this tool.

4. Crypto Ultimatum

This tool can be beneficial for new traders. The crypto ultimatum is the detailed and well-explained training tool that will teach you about crypto trading. This will guide you on how to make money with zero investment. This will also guide you how to turn $100 to $1000. This system is highly efficient and has the ability to convert your little figure money to huge figure money.

If you don’t have technical skills then go for this system it will teach you properly. With this training system, you don’t need to have a lot of money. You can even start from the 100$. With this training system, you will know all techniques of crypto trading and will make you able to earn a huge profit. It will also alarm you about the scams and threads that you can get in crypto trading. So if you use this for LTN trading then you can be highly safe.

5. BitMEX

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Last but not least, the BitMEX tool. This tool is most famous in the crypto world. With the help of this tool, you can sell and buy bitcoin. With the detailed graph of the market value, you can estimate when you need to buy and sell bitcoin. The same thing for the Life token coin. You can analyze the market fluctuation and can sell on the high value, and buy on the low price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy an LTN Coin with Cash?

Unfortunately not! You cannot buy the LTN coin with cash or other fiat money. You have to use the indirect approach. First, buy the bitcoin and make payment to exchanges in bitcoin and get your LTN coin in return.

Is there any other way of buying LTN coins?

Of course, there is! If you are targeting the European exchange then you can get the LTN coin in a few minutes. You just need to deposit your money in Coinbase with your European bank and then buy the LTN or life token coin with your Coinbase.