FCA has revealed that Binance has met its June requirements

The UK Financial Supervisory Service (FCA) has announced that cryptocurrency exchange Binance has complied with the requirements it imposed on the company in June. The FCA has stated that Binance may offer some securities services, but not crypto-related services in the UK. Binance followed FCA compliances The UK Financial Supervisory Service (FCA) announced on Wednesday … Read more

Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Cardano are popular in Singapore.

Ethereum is the most popular cryptocurrency with over 4,000 adults surveyed in Singapore, according to a new study. The second most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin and it is followed by Cardano. A survey is done to check the popularity of the cryptocurrencies, in this survey Ethereum comes out as the most popular cryptocurrency in Singapore. … Read more

After Update, Solana Threatens Ethereum To Dethrone

After getting the new update Ethereum blockchain network providing new and decent slugs for fresh crypto token Solana. Solana challenges the most popular, established, and crypto token Ethereum to take its value and pride. The Ethereum blockchain network comprises five Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIP), the new updated version will know as “London Hard Fork”, well, … Read more

Two Reason’s Why Ethereum Follows Bull Run

Key Takeaways Ethereum chain removes the limit of Bitcoin. Ethereum can work with anything, from social media to the entire business. Third and the primary reason is that being on a bull run Ethereum is still cheaper than Bitcoin. For the last few months world’s top second most traded crypto token Ethereum is following the … Read more

Crypto Security Solution: Things You Need To Know

Crypto Security Solution

Unless you’re living under a rock you will have heard about the rising cyber threat. And, I mean it’s no wonder when you consider the fact that more and more people have adopted cloud infrastructure, remote working due to Covid-19 is still prevalent and people that feel a bit desperate or vulnerable because of said … Read more

PayPal Hires Over 100 Crypto Positions

Payment giant PayPal posted the job posting for 100 positions related to crypto as demand for cryptocurrencies grows in the market. Dan Schulman, CEO of PayPal disclosed the plans of the company and said that “We’re still very happy with the momentum we’re seeing in crypto, and we’re adding features incrementally.” PayPal Crypto Jobs PayPal … Read more

PayPal introduces Cryptocurrency Services via ‘Super App’

Payment giant Company PayPal has announced to expand its cryptocurrency services by launching a new wallet Super App. The new expansion of the payment giant company includes the launch of a new wallet “super app”, an open banking system, expansion in the United Kingdom, and third-party wallet transfers. PayPal’s CEO said, “We are still very … Read more

Fireblocks Custody Company Raises $310 Million

Blockchain infrastructure company Fireblocks raised $310 million in its most recent funding round and was valued at $2 billion. The company specializing in digital asset management is interested in bringing existing assets into the blockchain space. Fireblocks assumes that this digitization trend will continue to grow in recent years. Fireblocks Uplift $310 Million in Series … Read more